So you want to learn about me?

I am a college student studying English-creative writing, and I’m so frustrated with standards and attitudes of the teachers running the writing workshops that I’ve taken to the internet in the hopes of finding a better community.

I don’t believe that one’s choice of medium should affect the way they are received by the educational system, and by their peers. I believe that anyone who has an interest in writing (whether as a hobby or professionally) should be able to sit down and have a decent, respectful discussion about the literate world.

But the world isn’t perfect, and there’s a definite inequality based on preferences, set by a standard I honestly believe is not only aging poorly, but shooting itself in the foot.  It’s my hope to use this blog to continue developing and explaining the reasoning behind that.

I turn to the internet in the hopes that I can find, reach out to, and encourage anyone with an interest in writing–particularly fantasy and science fiction, because if you’re like me then you’ve probably been dismissed long enough…


…Also, I get to force myself to learn about maintaining a webpage, and being more computer-savvy in general. I should probably know more about that stuff.  >_<


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